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Welcome to the online art gallery of James Parkhurst. From
exotic paintings like "Distant Thunder", to seascapes like "End of Summer", James is constantly in pursuit of bringing an element of poetry to his paintings. "My true goal is to tell
a visual story and capture a moment in time."

tropical surf art

"Distant Thunder"

Whether you call it exotic art, surfscapes, seascapes, surf art, beach art
or beach scenes, the
se terms have a very broad meaning. But make no mistake - the art of James Parkhurst enjoys a diverse audience. Through his original oil and acrylic paintings and limited edition giclees, James' artwork offers a unique mix of seascapes, tropical rivers and many other coastal environments that capture a special moment. From "Stranded",
to "Afternoon Set", a favorite with many surfers and collectors alike, James brings an enduring beauty and culture of our vast and varying worl

"Secluded Point"














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